Holly’s & Ashe’s Fabulous June Rosé Dinner

Knoxville anxiously awaits the announcement of Holly’s Gourmet’s Market monthly Wine Dinner theme each month. In June, we explored our favorite summer wines, Rosé! Along with Thad from Ashe’s Wine and Spirits and stellar representatives from Triple C Distributing, we let guests sample a robust collection of affordable Rosés as they grazed over several HUGE tables of food. Our next Wine dinner is coming up on August 2nd and is already selling well so reserve your spot now! email us or call 865-330-0123 to reserve your spot for our exploration of California wines with none other than Anthony Bell from Bell Cellars!

Meanwhile, here’s some sights from the Rosé dinner!

Flank Steak

Holly and Anna prepped the delicious meal outside on the grill.

Flank Steak - Holly's Wine Dinner

Oh that smell!

Holly's Gourmets Market - Knoxville, Tennessee

Tables were setup inside and out for our guests

Ashe's Wine and Spirits and Triple C Distributing

The first-class wine represented by first-class folks!

Knoxville, Restaurant, Holly's Gourmets market

Oh that Kimchi!

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