Gourmet Market HollyDay Menu

Holiday Menu for the Family

Available for pre-order starting now! Minimum of 6 servings per order please 

Phone to order(865) 584-8739


Savory Tenderloin of Beef w/ Red Wine Demi Vermont $250 (serves 20-25 guests)

MapleBakedHam with Dijon-Orange Sauce $11/pp 

Traditional Roast Turkey Breast sliced with Giblet Gravy & Cranberry Relish $12/pp 

Whole Turkey (whole or carved) $9 per pound

Sausage and Onion Stuffed Turkey Breast with Traditional Gravy $13/pp

Collard Stuffed Pork Loin with Redeye Gravy $14/pp

Braised Beef Shortribs over Shelton Farm Grits $16/pp


Serves 10-12

Cornbread Dressing w/ Sausage  $40

without Sausage  $35

Traditional Mac ‘n’ Cheese $40

Green Bean Casserole Traditional Green Beans $35

Parmesan & Garlic Mashed Russet Potatoes Butter & Cream Red Mashers $35

Smoked Gouda Cauliflower Gratin Broccolini w/ Brown Butter, Lemon & Hazelnut $40

Corn Casserole with Herbs $35


Apple Tart Grandmere: frangipane, puff pastry, apples, apricot glaze $42 ea

Pumpkin Pie: w/ fresh whipped cream on the side $25 ea 

Deep Dish Pecan-Chocolate Pie: traditional, gooey pecan pie w/ chocolate decor $40 ea

Holly’s Linzer Torte: cinnamon, butter, hazelnuts, raspberry jam $46 ea


Holly’s Famous Candied Bacon $1.5/slice

Pissaladiere: variety  $2.5 ea

(Asparagus & Pimiento Cheese)(Artichoke Heart, Olive, Caper & Parmesan)(Pepperoni, Onion, Mozzarella), (Wild Mushroom) 

Filled Phyllo Cups: $2.5 ea

(Chicken Salad)(Pimiento Cheese)(Baked Cranberry Brie) (Spinach Artichoke) 

Pecan Pie Brie for 25 guests $75 

Baked Brie w/ Candied Pecans on top, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Ginger 

Domestic & Imported Cheeses Display for 25 guests $150

w/ Crackers 

Domestic & Imported Meat & Cheese Display for 25 guests $200

w/ Fruit & Crackers 

Lemon-Rosemary Chicken Skewer w/ Tahini Vinaigrette $3 ea

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Skewer w/ Ranch & Honey Mustard $3 ea 

Sesame Seed Fried Chicken Skewer w/ Cranberry Chutney $3 ea

Pork Tenderloin on Sister Shubert Roll with Smoky Onion Mustard $4 ea

Beef Tenderloin on Sister Shubert Roll w/ Horsey Sauce $5 ea

Sausage Balls w/ Mustard Dip $2.5 ea

Things to Dip 

Triple Cheese Spinach & Bacon Dip $3.5/pp
French Onion Dip w/ Ruffles $3/oo
Spinach Artichoke Dip w/ Tortilla & Crostini $4/pp 

Traditional Hummus, Cauliflower Hummus or Black Bean Hummus w/ Pita & Fresh Veggies  $3.5/pp