Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

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Cereals, Crunchy & Toasty Things

Housemade Granola: oats, coconut, nuts, dried fruit $5
w/ Greek Yogurt +$3 w/ 2% Milk +$1
Oatmeal Bowl: fresh berries, local honey $7
w/ 2% Milk +$1
Bagel: w/ whipped cream cheese $4
plain or everything
Spicy Nerdhead Biscuits: w/ tomato jam & butter $4
Benton’s Bacon Nuts & Bolts Bowl: $5
Avocado Relish Toast: hard cooked egg, $6
Warm Butter Croissant: w/ butter & jam $4

Market Legends*

Toad in the Hole:
double cream brie & avocado relish, grilled Italian with fried eggs $8

Frog in the Ditch: $9.75
Swaggerty’s sausage & Cotswold, grilled Italian with fried eggs

Power Panini: $11.50
egg, bacon, tomato, avocado & Sweetwater Valley cheddar (choice of bread)

Smoked Salmon: $14.75
tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, capers, hard-cooked egg & bagel w/ whipped cream cheese

Classic Breakfast: $8
two eggs, Swaggerty’s sausage or applewood bacon & choice of toast (wheat, italian, rye, gluten free)

Breakfast Bowls*

Piggy: seared pork belly, grits, eggs $12
: fried chicken, collards, eggs, spicy Nerdheads, chicken gravy $14
Rib Sticker: biscuits, sausage gravy, eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon $9
Goat Cheese: eggs, goat cheese, tomato, basil, red onion $8
The Nerd: spicy Nerdhead biscuits, gravy & eggs $7
Chipotle: chipotle chicken, grits, cheddar & egg, choice salsa roja or verde $10

Burritos, Scramblers & Omelettes

pick 4 items $9.75 • as a burrito! 10.75
additional items or salsas .50 each

bacon, sausage, chicken, ham, chorizo
artichokes, red onion, green olives, spinach, green onions, capers, mushrooms, bell peppers, jalapenos, asparagus, roasted red peppers, tomatoes
Cotswold, cheddar, Swiss, brie, pepperjack, smoked gouda, Monterey jack

avocado, goat cheese, pesto, feta, Kalamata olives, shawarma shrooms, chipotle chicken, steak (+3)

Premiums $3
pork belly or steak

Beautiful Bennies*

poached eggs, smoked paprika cream with choice of grits, collards or fruit

The Bubba: pork belly, hashbrowns, & collards (no muffin) $13
: homemade Irish bacon & tomato jam $13
New York: smoked salmon, tomato & avocado relish $14
Avo: avocado, tomato & sunflower kernels on wilted spinach $13
Cali: avocado, tomato & sunflower kernels on wilted spinach (no muffin)


with 100% Vermont maple syrup

Belgian Waffle: with whipped cream $8
strawberries, blueberries, choc chips or granola + 2
add fried chicken +5

Chef’s Whimsy French Toast: seaseonal fruit, sauces or compote. daily creation, ask your server! $9

Buttermilk Pancakes: Original GM Recipe $7
strawberries, blueberries, choc chips or granola + 2

Traditional French Toast: $7

Biscuit Bread Pudding: daily creation – ask your server $9


$4 or 3 for $10
Swaggerty’s Sausage • Boursin Cheese Grits • Fresh Fruit or Berries • Half Avocado (2.00) whole 4 • Applewood Bacon • Hashbrown Casserole • Corn & Black Bean Salad • Savory Collard Greens • Roasted Cauliflower Sliced Tomatoes • candied bacon (4 slices $6)


Housemade Bloody Mary $7
Love the mix? Take home a Liter! 12.95
Pina Colada Mimosa I’d rather be on a beach (Malibu rum, coconut, sparkles) $7
Breakfast Margarita (tequila, rosemary simple syrup, fresh grapefruit juice, splash of soda) $7
House Mimosa or Carafe $6/20
Glass of Bubbles $7
Spiked Coffee 8 (Housemade Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Frangelico)


Bottomless House Roast $2.95
Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino $4.75/5.75
Spike it $8
Espresso, Americano, Hammerhead $3.50/4.50
Cold Brew 3.50
Fresh-Squeezed grapefruit, OJ, apple, & cranberry $3/4
Fresh Grapefruit Juice $4/5
Dirty Chai $5.75/6.75






About Gourmet’s Market

For the past 40 years, Knoxville’s Gourmets Market has been a destination for East Tennessee foodies. With an all new menu, expanded catering services, facility rentals, and a major expansion that nearly tripled the size of Gourmet’s Market’s main dining room, the restaurant continues to be the East Tennessee destination.

When it opened in 1978, enthusiasts raved about Gourmets Market’s selection of hard-to-find cheeses, meats, coffees, teas, and cooking utensils. In recent years, the restaurant has grown an even larger following of customers who enjoy the restaurant’s creative cuisine.

Founded by Richard and Barbara Strehlow and managed for years by their son Eric Nelson, Gourmet’s Market established a reputation as an eclectic gathering spot for coffee and conversation, a light snack or a full-blown meal. Nelson emphasized Gourmet’s Market’s casual atmosphere and locally-grown natural ingredients that attracted college students, business people, and families from all parts of East Tennessee.

Holly Hambright

Chef Holly Hambright, a well-known and respected local chef, has a long history with Gourmet’s Market. Beginning as a pastry chef, Holly cooked at fine establishments around the country before, in 2000, returning to Knoxville. Here, she began work at Gourmets Market and quickly gained a reputation for flavor-filled foods that tempted taste buds from miles around. As that reputation grew, Holly began her own catering business, Holly’s Eventful Dining, that quickly expanded into offering lunch and weekend dinner service at her original Homberg location. Fast forward to 2015, and an investment group lead by Holly purchased Gourmets Market and Holly was once again at home!

At the time, Chef Holly said, “I am so happy to be returning to my Knoxville roots at Gourmet’s Market and Cafe,”. “While many of my original dishes remain on the menu to this day, we will focus on tweaking and adding new and exciting dishes and services including expanding our catering offering and the new Home Replacement Meal (HMR) services for those that would like to have ready-to-heat meals in their own home. I can’t thank the people Knoxville enough for giving me to opportunity to serve them!”